2024 Board of Directors Nominations + AGM Resolutions

We are pleased to report that seven nominations were received for election to the Board of Directors this year. And two resolutions have been put forward for discussion at this year’s AGM.

This year CIPP members are electing 4 members employed by the City of Ottawa to two-year terms and 1 member to a one-year term. As well as 1 member employed by Ottawa Community Housing for a two-year term.  

Our union is a collective of municipal professionals. If you have ideas, passion or if you want to see things done differently. Running for election for the CIPP Board of Directors is the way to make that contribution. Nominations are closed for this year but there are positions up for election each year, so start planning for next year!

Each candidate will make a presentation at the 2023 AGM on November 23, 2023 and CIPP members will then vote to select the new board members.

Please RSVP to join the AGM online or RSVP to join the AGM in-person.

Meet your Nominees for the 2024 CIPP Board of Directors!

Nominees for City of Ottawa Positions

Nominees Employed by the City of Ottawa

Mike Bureau

Title – Department: Economic Development Officer, PRED
Years of Service: 13+ years 
What motivates you to be on the CIPP Board of Directors?  
I wish to continue my role on the Board of Directors to represent my City colleagues in a positive manner. I am motivated to continue serving as a Board Director to look out for my fellow colleagues and to support the important work all CIPP staff perform for the City. I would also like to continue my role on the Finance Committee.

Léo Cardinal

Title – Department: Communications Training & Quality Improvement Superintendent, Emergency & Protective Services
Years of Service: 23 years 
What motivates you to be on the CIPP Board of Directors?  
Hello everyone.
My name is Léo Cardinal & I am a former member of the CIPP Board. I was a Director in 2019 & Treasurer for 3 years from 2020-2022. I took 2023 off to act as the President of the Leitrim Minor Hockey Association, an organization of approx. 800 players & 200 volunteers. My 2 seasons in the position not only helped me learn much about leading a not-for-profit organization, but renewed my desire to help CIPP & its members. I feel equipped to understand the challenges that our union currently faces and believe that my calm & thoughtful demeanor will enable me to lead our membership into the future. That’s why I’m seeking to be elected to the Board and will pursue the Presidency in 2024.
In solidarity – Léo

Beverley Croft

Title – Department: Public Health Nurse, Ottawa Public Health
Years of Service: 24 years 
What motivates you to be on the CIPP Board of Directors?  
I am currently on the Board of Directors and have been since 2019. I also served on the Board from 2013 to 2015. To me, it is all about the members and how the improvements and changes we make can better serve and support them. This past year, I have had the honour and privilege to serve as President of the Board of Directors and Chair of the Negotiating Committee. Although there is always work to be done, I feel we have taken great steps forward for the members. I have also served as Vice-President, Chair of the Member Engagement Committee, the Governance and Human Resources Committee as well as the Scholarship Committee. I am very dedicated to the members and would like to continue to serve. I want to carry on the work we have started to make CIPP a union that members are proud to be associated with and where all members feel welcome. I will strive to ensure that when members look at the Board they see themselves represented.

Stan Mathew

Title – Department: Senior Project Manager, Infrastructure and Water Services Department
Years of Service: 2.4 years 
What motivates you to be on the CIPP Board of Directors?  
I have served on the Board of Directors of CIPP for the past 7 months, as a replacement board member. Through that commitment, I had firsthand experience with supporting some of the Board’s various mandates. My key contributions in the recent term included active participation in the Board meetings that were held from April to October 2023. I also participated with the Scholarship committee and with the Member Engagement and Diversity Committee. All were positive experiences, upon which I would like to build.

From my experience as a City employee, I believe the workplace to be positive and inclusive, and believe that CIPP has played a part in that success. I would like to continue fostering that success as a Board member. I value involvement as a member of the Board because I believe the Board can tangibly affect the lives of CIPP members. As a visible minority, I believe I can help advocate for a large segment of the CIPP membership. Furthermore, as a registered Professional Engineer, I believe I can suitably represent those union professionals.

Catrina Marie Mavrigianakis

Title – Department: Diversity and Inclusion Programs and Projects Specialist, Community and Social Services Department
Years of Service: 3 years 
What motivates you to be on the CIPP Board of Directors?  
I am motivated to be on the CIPP Board of Directors by my desire for continual learning and passion for serving my community. I have been a union member for almost 3 years and have benefitted from the work of CIPP to advocate for safe, fair, and thriving workplaces. That said, I want to gain more exposure to the way CIPP does its work, engages the City, and hears what is important to members. I am motivated by my desire to have a fulsome understanding of how the union works, and how my skills, experience, and interests can support this work. I want to be part of the team that provides key services to its membership, whose work is crucial in making Ottawa a wonderful place to live and work. I am motivated by a passion for serving my community, in the workplace and personally. This includes participating in the CIPP Scholarship Committee, serving on the Board of Directors, and as a dog handler for Ottawa Therapy Dogs, and Volunteering at the Ottawa Food Bank Farm.

Krishon Walker

Title – Department: Planner II, Planning, Real Estate and Economic Development
Years of Service: 4.5 years 
What motivates you to be on the CIPP Board of Directors?  
Understanding the importance of CIPP in protecting members’ rights and advocating for members’ interests in the workplace and in the community, I think that it’s important for members to get involved to help advance this work. Over the past year, I have worked with CIPP as a member of the Membership Engagement and Diversity Committee whose goals include ensuring that CIPP’s leadership and members engage in meaningful diversity and inclusion practices and ensuring that members are satisfied and proud to be associated with CIPP. This work was very fulfilling, and it has encouraged me to become a more active member in the union. I was also part of the 2023 ‘Thriving Together’ campaign which spotlighted members across the union to increase visibility and highlight the important work that members are involved in. Seeing the amazing contributions of other members has further inspired me to take on a more active role in the union and to help advance this important work. After all, the union isn’t just an organization that represents members, it is the members. I would be honored to serve as a member of the Board of Directors.

Nominee Employed by Ottawa Community Housing

Matthew Moore

Title – Department: Assistant Project Manager, Asset Renewal
Years of Service: 1.5 years 
What motivates you to be on the CIPP Board of Directors?  
I have approximately 10 years working in the engineering, architecture and project management disciplines and have learned that working as part of a team leads to project success. Since joining OCH, I understand how important it is to work collaboratively with departments of other disciplines and other stakeholders with different/conflicting priorities in order to achieve the same successful outcome in our projects. Being part of the CIPP Board of Directors would be a great leadership exercise for myself to gain more confidence and voice when it applies to my day-to-day work leading projects. It would be a great experience to broaden my knowledge of unions, since this is my first employment with union representation. It would be great experience to work with others who are from different disciplines, working collaboratively to achieve the same goals.

AGM Resolutions

Resolutions at the AGM are an important democratic mechanism for union decision-making. Members will discuss the proposed resolutions, share perspectives, perhaps consider amendments and finally vote to adopt or reject the resolution. At the 2023 AGM members will consider resolutions on member engagement and the arbitration clause in the City of Ottawa Collective Agreement.