Now is not the time to hurt our pension.

Working people need pensions.

Not broken promises.

A pension is a promise. And municipal workers in communities across Ontario – including the people who take care of us right here in Ottawa – are counting on their pension plan, OMERS, for the promise of a secure retirement.

But OMERS is threatening to break that promise by making sweeping changes to pensions. They tried it in 2018 and we stopped them. But now they’re at it again – when workers on the frontlines are busy protecting us all during the global pandemic.

The changes will hurt people like public health nurses, long-term care nurses, and people working for ambulance services, police and fire departments, municipalities, school boards, libraries, and other agencies. These workers are doing vital work that we all count on – now more than ever. Why is OMERS adding more worries and stress to those working on the frontlines?

Now is not the time to hurt workers.

  • OMERS is sneaking these changes through while workers are busy fighting a global pandemic.
  • Markets are in flux and it’s the wrong time to make pension plan changes when the economy is so uncertain.
  • The changes aren’t even necessary – OMERS is fully funded and financially sustainable.

Please help us stop these sweeping changes that short-change workers and weaken our communities by sending an email or sharing our message on social media.

pension security for workers on the frontlines

Send a letter to OMERS board members urging them to vote NO to changes that will strip benefits away from workers.

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