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CIPP long term care professionals: unsung heroes of COVID-19

November 12, 2020

COVID-19 has become the ‘new normal’. But for CIPP professionals working in long-term care, there is no rest.

Be Social Wise, Be COVID Wise mural art event Ottawa

Discover Ottawa’s ‘Be Social Wise / Be COVID Wise’ Mural Art Event

October 20, 2020

Ottawa Public Health launched a “Call for Local Ottawa artists” on September 4, 2020 to engage artists to develop ‘Be Social Wise / Be COVID Wise’ murals.

Canada’s Long-Term Care System: A Work in Progress

October 8, 2020

With nearly 80% of Canadian COVID-19 deaths attributed to long-term care facilities, the pandemic has all but exposed the gaping flaws in a system that has failed our most vulnerable citizens.


Push back against BIll 195

“Restore Our Rights” Rally Against Bill 195

September 9

To express opposition against Bill 195 which violates workers’ rights, CIPP joined several unions at the Ottawa rally September 9.