2023 Board of Director Nominations

Our Nominating Committee is pleased to report that five nominations were received for election to the Board of Directors this year. 

This year CIPP members are electing 4 members employed by the City of Ottawa to two-year terms. As well as 1 member employed by Ottawa Community Housing for a two-year term.  

Our union is a collective of municipal professionals. If you have ideas, passion or if you want to see things done differently. Running for election for the CIPP Board of Directors is the way to make that contribution. Nominations for 2022 are closed but there are positions up for election each year, so start planning for 2023.  

Since the number of nominations matches the vacancies on the Board, the positions will be filled by acclamation. We will announce the new Directors at the AGM. 

Meet your Nominees for the 2023 CIPP Board of Directors!

Katrina Botting

Title – Department: Finance Officer, Finance Department, Ottawa Community Housing 
Years of Service: 5 years 
What motivates you to be on the CIPP Board of Directors?  
I’ve been a Finance Officer with Ottawa Community Housing (OCH) for almost five years and I served as a CIPP Board member for two of these years. During this time, I have been involved with, and have been directly impacted by, the strong advocacy and support from the CIPP Staff and Board. I am motivated to join the CIPP Board again to assist in bringing further positive change and to continue to strongly advocate for our CIPP members. 

Victoria Cowell

Title – Department: Supervisor, Ottawa Public Health 
Years of Service: 14 years 
What motivates you to be on the CIPP Board of Directors? 
Recognizing the valuable role that the CIPP Board of Directors has with the employees of the City of Ottawa, I am motivated by the opportunity to continue contributing positively alongside a group of dedicated professionals who are committed to advocating for our colleagues. For the past 7 months, I have had the privilege of being a CIPP Board of Directors member and I am hopeful that I will be able to continue supporting the Board in moving important initiatives forward that matter to our members and to our community.

Karim Mekki

Title – Department: Supervisor, Community Engagement, Ottawa Public Health 
Years of Service: 2 years 
What motivates you to be on the CIPP Board of Directors? 
Serving community has been a part of me for as far back as I can remember. In both personal and professional spheres, I aspire to both learn from and work with others. My understanding of community transcends where we live, and includes where we socialize, grow, and work together. As such, I would like to bring my experience to CIPP’s Board of Directors and, of course, learn from fellow directors and CIPP staff. Over the last two years, I’ve witnessed caring and creative efforts to highlight the great work of many CIPP members across the city; I’ve received genuine and caring support from staff when making inquiries; and have participated in an engaging session to obtain member perspective ahead of collective bargaining agreements. In sum, CIPP’s genuine efforts to support their members has left an impact upon me, and I would welcome an opportunity to contribute to these efforts. Through engagement that is rooted in diversity, equity, and inclusion, I believe we can continue to create the conditions that allow Ottawa’s municipal professionals to thrive. 

Ben Ripley

Title – Department: Superintendent, Emergency & Protective Services, Ottawa Paramedic Service 
Years of Service: 13 years 
What motivates you to be on the CIPP Board of Directors? 
I have previously served as the President of the Tour Paramedic Ride – an annual multiday cycling event that honours paramedics that have died in the line of duty. During my time I was privileged to work with volunteers and stakeholders from multiple agencies across Canada while growing the event into a national fundraiser. 
Additionally, I have experience planning and executing conferences, events and large scale training exercises along with significant multimedia knowledge as a photographer, videographer and editor. 
In all these things I have learned the importance and value of building relationships and effectively communicating with diverse audiences on multiple platforms. 
I look forward to building new relationships throughout the CIPP membership and working together in overcoming the challenges we face.

Darryl Wilton

Title – Department: Superintendent of Operations, Ottawa Paramedic Service 
Years of Service: 25 years 
What motivates you to be on the CIPP Board of Directors? 
I have experience serving on the CIPP Board of Directors and played key roles in completely transforming and rebuilding the organization. 
When I was first elected to the CIPP Board, I took an Oath of Office where I declared my commitment to the membership; and I delivered. 
I have always represented member concerns in a way that is equitable, fair and assertive. I have pushed for JE reviews, mitigated important workplace issues, filed policy grievances, oversaw Joint Health & Safety as a city-wide chair and I have always upheld important core values such as honesty, integrity and diversity. 
I have more than two decades of experience with the policy and governance of large organizations. I am also trained in media relations, crisis communications and regularly engage in government relations where I meet with policy advisors, chiefs of staff and elected officials. 
I have been key to ensuring CIPP has been able to reconstruct itself as a larger, more impactful and more relevant organization. I would like to continue to provide the strong leadership and representation that CIPP members need at the table.