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Returning to the Workplace

Based on the Safe Workplace Survey that CIPP members responded to from April 4 – 6, 2022, our members have been clear that the vast majority (74%) want to delay the planned return to the workplace until the full scope and impact of this new pandemic wave has been assessed.   

Further, the majority of our members would also feel safer in the workplace with physical distancing along with improved ventilation and air filtration. 

We are carrying this clear message forward.  

First, we sent a letter to Ottawa City Council making clear that our members want the return to the workplace delayed, safety measures in place in the workplace along with enhanced ventilation and air filtration.  

Then, we met with the employer on Wednesday to discuss the details of the return to the workplace. Your employer has told us that they are currently in a planning phase on how to implement the hybrid model when the return to the workplace takes place. And that the return to the workplace is not happening now. 

There is currently a lack of clarity from your employer as to when the return to the workplace will begin. 

We understand that a small number of our members may be returning on a voluntary basis, but that overall, our members are not returning to the workplace now. If your team is being returned to the workplace now, please let us know

We will continue to push your employer to delay the return to the workplace based on high COVID-19 rates and to implement all workplace safety measures to ensure your safety.